Legal Resources

Employment tribunal cases can be searched and viewed online:

  • The website provides a search tool which allows cases to be filtered by keyword and jurisdiction code (the reason(s) under which the case was brought, e.g. disability discrimination)
  • The Employment Cases Update website provides a keyword-based search tool for ET cases, with analyses. This is a commercial site pitched at legal training, however the search facility is currently free.

The Equality & Human Rights Commission has prepared a summary of the Equality Act relating to disability, with examples of how direct and indirect discrimination can happen

The Home Office has produced a comprehensive guide to accommodating disability in the police service. (Note that this document is from 2005 and refers to the Disability Discrimination Act, which has since been superseded by the Equality Act. However in the absence of a more up-to-date guide, the DPA believes that Forces should follow the guidelines set out here.)

ACAS (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) offers help and advice for employers and employees

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have experience of representing police employees at employment tribunals. The company has prepared a useful PDF on disability discrimination.

Didlaw Ltd. have prepared a series of brief guides on workplace disability issues

Guide to workplace bullying (prepared by Smart Pension Ltd.)

Employment of police officers – legal concepts and resources

Police pay: Winsor review

Limited Duties and ‘X Factor’ pay reduction

Capability Dismissal

Police Negotiating Board circular on ill-health retirement

NPCC policies

Anti-coagulants (March 2018)


Disability discrimination: your legal rights
(The Guardian, 22/02/2017)

More information on employment law, reasonable adjustments etc. can be found on our FAQ page