PRESS RELEASE: DPA responds to the Baroness Casey review

The Disabled Police Association completely accepts the findings of Baroness Casey’s review of the Metropolitan Police.

The report clearly states that some of the specific conclusions reached by the review team about racism, misogyny and homophobia within the Met also extend to other protected characteristics, including disability.

For over a decade, the DPA has worked with senior decision makers to help to change culture by shining a light in every corner of policing and calling out discrimination where it sees it.

The DPA insists that all police forces see this watershed moment in policing as an opportunity to learn by asking the difficult questions, and most importantly, to not take silence or acquiescence as a signal there is no work for us to do.

The DPA commits to continuing to work with stakeholders and partners, and supports all Forces and their staff networks to meaningfully engage with their disabled communities, helping to rebuild trust and confidence. ∎