Free & confidential mental health support service for employees

People with a diagnosed mental health condition are currently under-represented in the workplace. One in four people will experience mental ill health in any one year including depression or anxiety which is often a direct response to what is happening in their personal lives or in the workplace. This could be anything from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by a very stressful, frightening or distressing event such as accidents or violent crime. Alternatively, depression could be a factor which can impact memory and concentration, as well as decision making and the ability to focus on tasks.

It is critically important that colleagues within the uniformed services who are facing mental health challenges can access the relevant support to overcome their barriers. If this is not addressed appropriately it could have a negative long-term impact on the individual’s life.

The good news is that a new free service has been launched by Remploy in partnership with Access to Work, a Jobcentre Plus scheme, to support individuals experiencing a mental health condition in the workplace.

Remploy’s free and confidential Mental Health Support Service is delivered throughout England, Scotland and Wales with no cost to the individual or their employer. They offer up to six months of personalised support, delivered by qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants who will work with the individual to develop a plan of action and coping strategies to overcome their mental health challenges.

 To qualify for the service, you should be in employment (attending or signed off sick) and have a mental health condition, which can be self-diagnosed, that has resulted in absence or causing difficulties within the workplace.

If you would like support or for further information, please contact Remploy confidentially on:

Tel: 0300 456 8114