Why doesn’t my Force have a disability support network? Where can I go to for help with my disability/condition?

If there is no DSN within your Force, it is likely that a previous network has become dormant or there has been a shortage of volunteers to set up a new network. If you or a colleague are considering setting up a DSN, the DPA can provide you with advice and support – get in touch with us for more details.

If you don’t have an active DSN in your Force, you can always get confidential advice from your Force’s Occupational Health and Welfare departments. The Federation and police unions are also on hand to advise on employment law in relation to your disability/condition, and there are a variety of other support groups and charities which can assist you. (For example, the National Police Autism Association provides direct support for autism and other neurodiverse conditions within the police service.)

We recommend that you register as a member of the DPA – it’s free and you will get access to regular disability and wellbeing-related updates and news.