Police disability recruitment video released

As part of the Police Uplift Programme to attract new officers representing our diverse communities, the Disabled Police Association is delighted to announce that a recruitment video featuring a disabled officer has been released on joiningthepolice.co.uk, the applications portal for police forces in England and Wales.

The DPA’s film features Keyur Patel, an Acting Inspector with the Metropolitan Police who was diagnosed with leukaemia. Cancer is an example of an illness that is treated as a disability due to the impact that it has on day-to-day life.

DPA police recruitment video

Tracy Betts, DPA President, said: “It is great to see disability featured in a national police recruitment campaign, and we are grateful to Keyur for sharing his story. We would urge anyone with a disability who is looking for a challenging and rewarding career to look at the options available for joining the police service.”

For more information, click on the link to go to the DPA page on the Joining The Police
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